Our Brahman cattle all go back to the famous pure American Grey (Manso) bloodlines consisting of Sugarlands Rexcrata, Sugarlands Loxacrata, Sugarlands Suville, JMD Elefante Manso 226 and more recently Mayronne, via the BOS Blanco herd. We breed early to medium maturing cattle that are raised on tough Eastern Cape mixed sourveld, where ticks and tick borne diseases are a serious problem. Our cattle are well known for their constitution (ability to maintain condition and reproduce under tough conditions), temperament, predictability and ability to thrive wherever they go. As we are situated reasonably far from our major stud markets, a fair number of potential stud sires end up with commercial farmers in the Eastern Cape and Natal. We have an annual bull sale in August each year, where we offer +- 50 Brahman and Beefmaster bulls. Our females are marketed mostly with BOS Blanco females on various auctions up country throughout the year. We are planning to market more potential stud sires on these female auctions.

Sugarlands Rexcrata

Sugarlands Loxacrata

Sugarlands Suville

JMD Elefante Manso 226
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